Do You Have Integrity?…

I am currently participating in a 7 day blogging challenge orchestrated by Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend. The goal of the challenge is to encourage others to create successful writing habits through blogging. If you want to learn more about the challenge and how it may benefit you, be sure to check out the link here:

Today’s writing prompt asks a participants to discuss what makes us angry about the world.

First off, I have to admit I initially found this starting prompt a bit funny because the whole writing challenge to me is one that elicits feelings of excitement and hopefully pride as we try to figure out what will become of us in this challenge. Secondly, understand that while anger is a normal feeling (so long as it’s expressed in healthy manners), I find that I rarely, if ever, get “angry” about things, at least at this phase in my life.  I am more the type of person to experience strong feelings of “frustration” and “disappointment”. True anger usually brings me to tears because I am at a loss for how to express myself in the moment.

To make this a little easier to dissect being my first genuine post and so I don’t make my brain explode with frustration in the process of writing, I want to discuss something about everyday life I often find disappointing: the realization that there are those in this world who lack integrity.

Integrity is the ability to live by your word. When you have integrity you are honest and genuine in your interactions with others and with yourself. You act in a way that is consistent with your core morals and beliefs.There is never any doubt about your authenticity when you have integrity.

To me, integrity is the core of our being. Your word is a large part of your identity and your actions should be a reflection of your words and vice versa. We should be able to hold ourselves accountable to our words and commitments. We should always aim to live a life of integrity.

Now I am well aware that we are human and we make mistakes. In those instances we show how strong our integrity is by admitting our mistakes and our inability to keep our word to those we may have wronged, even if the person we have wronged is ourselves, and actively try to find a means to resolve and restore our integrity. Communication is so important to maintaining healthy, open and honest relationships with others.

Integrity is not something that just happens. It is something that you consciously strive for every day and with every interaction you have. I have participated in a seminar on integrity in my past and have since actively worked on keeping my word as well as encourage authentic interactions with others. By practicing living a life of integrity, I have found more satisfaction within myself as well as with my choices and interactions with others.

What are your thoughts on integrity (or lack thereof)? How to you feel about the idea of integrity being a daily practice?


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